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I was born and raised in London and since my teens, I've been one of those restless people who needs to be creative all the time just to survive. I’ve been a professional actor and voiceover artist for 25 years and know first hand the highs and lows and the sense of striving and putting everything in to trying to get where you feel you have to go. I’m also a writer and an  award winning film maker, I've directed 8 short films and 3 feature films so far. I actually fell in love with photography on an acting job. It was a television show and the main cast were expected to post regularly to social media and in a bid to avoid taking loads of selfies I decided to shoot portraits of the crew and other cast instead. I started on my phone but soon, thanks to the advice of the set photographer, had bought in to the Fuji X-mount system and before I knew it I was roaming around, shooting hundreds of photos every day and would never leave the house without a camera. 

About me...

I still have those habits and I still shoot portraits and a lot of street stuff and when I get the chance I'll go away somewhere to shoot the landscape or animals or to explore the culture of a town or city through my lens. Sometimes I feel like I can't really see things properly till I start to point my camera at them. Honestly its been one of the most wonderful discoveries of my life and has completely transformed how I view the world. The linking thread through most of my diverse interests is that I'm endlessly fascinated by other people.I love portraiture in all it's forms and I especially love being able to get photos of a person that can make a difference to how others see them and even sometimes, to how they see themselves. I believe strongly in the power of images, as creative people we are always having to prove the value of our potential. We have to show people ahead of doing a job or making something for them that what we will do will be worth the investment. portraits can show what's yet to be... Not just what you look like but what you might look like, how you are and also how you could be. If you get that right I believe it can genuinely affect the way other people see us and our potential. That's why it's such a sweet challenge to me and so well worth the effort. 

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