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Do you shoot evenings and weekends?

Yes, I shoot both. I know that for a lot of people it will mean taking time off of their day job otherwise so I try to be as flexible as possible. Drop me an email and we can work out a time that suits you.

Can you fit in bookings at the last minute?

I can usually work something out. Just ask and I'll do my absolute best for you.

What should I wear?

You should bring an assortment of options. I don't want you putting your back out carrying a huge trunk load of stuff but the more options the better really. As a starting point, if you have a dark and a light shirt or blouse then definitely bring them, and things that can be layered underneath would be good too. Definitely avoid stripes, logos, slogans, and items that are very bright or that have distracting patterns. I do want what you’re wearing to be nice but your face is the real focus of these shots so bear that in mind. We should speak on the phone before the shoot and we will chat through all this in more detail during that conversation. I will ask you about how you want to be perceived and about what clothes you have that can help us communicate that side of you. 


How many looks will we do?

This depends on the package. If you book a portfolio session then we are aiming for 5 looks. 

However if you book the headshots session package then in 2 hours we will be shooting, I'll be aiming for just one look that really works. Let me explain. My approach is geared towards getting a few really special, standout shots of you so that should be the goal.  I want you to have a shot that communicates who you are inside and out in a way that’s flattering and striking enough to cut through the noise and make you really stand out.  That comes from getting EVERYTHING right, lighting, clothes, background, atmosphere, attitude, the way you're posed and how you’re feeling, if all of that comes together in one split second then and only then we will get what we need.

On the way to finding that ideal combination of all the elements we will try different clothes that you bring and different lighting setups and backgrounds so you will definitely come out of it with some varied shots but I won’t be doing this arbitrarily, just for the sheer variety of it. I’ll be searching for that perfect combination. I work with great care and attention to detail and it takes time to get everything just so. We will be working together, I’ll be showing you shots on the back of the camera as we go and I’ll explain why I’m making changes and what we are trying and why. But my main focus is getting to the single strongest setup for you. Once we get to that point then I will want to shoot a lot and really cover that off. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not about banging out a bunch of generic shots of clients wearing different coloured shirt. I know it can seem like a way of justifying the expense of a shoot but I really do think that it’s a false economy. 


How should I do my makeup?

For headshots the goal should be light and natural. These days, cameras have such high resolution that they will pick up any issues with makeup, uneven application can be a real problem and can be hard to fix in post and powder tends to be visible and to obscure the natural texture of your skin and is also a nightmare to retouch so I’d recommend not using powder if you can help it and generally staying on the light side with what you use. The person using your headshot for casting should feel like they are really seeing you so its important that they don’t feel like we’re overly manipulating the image they see. That doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t put the work in to show you at your best using all the tools and magic at our disposal. This after all is what show business is all about! What it it does mean though is that it needs to feel like we haven’t tried too hard.


Can I do my makeup there?

You are more than welcome to, but don’t forget, it will eat in to your session time. If you’re planning to wear makeup then my advice would be to come lightly made up, and bring your makeup bag, then if you want to add to it once we start getting shots then you can and it won’t cut too badly in to our time together


Should I postpone the shoot because I have a spot?

No! Blemishes can be handled nicely at the retouching stage so seriously, you really don’t have to worry about that. 


Can you come to me?

Yes, My studio is mobile and I can pack it up and travel if needed but if you’re in London it will cost £150 (excluding VAT) more to cover the extra time I will spend and the cost of travel. If you're outside of London then that's still totally fine but just drop me a line and we can work out what extra costs will be involved.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, when you book, I will ask you for a £50 deposit which will be refunded if you have to cancel but you will forfeit it if you do so within 48 hours of the booking

How and when do I pay?

you need to pay before the session so you can do that either by bank transfer, using paypal or in cash on the day.


Can I have an invoice?

Yes. I will invoice you for both our records


Do you have to charge VAT? 

Yes. I’m VAT registered so I’m legally bound to charge you VAT. Your invoice will have VAT details on it so that those of you who are also registered will have the information needed to be able to claim that back.


Can I have more images retouched?

Yes. processing and light retouching such as lightening  around the eyes and getting rid of a few blemishes will cost £25 per extra image image (excluding VAT) Heavier work such as decreasing the signs of aging and major areas of acne or red patches and burst blood vessels will be £50 per image (excluding VAT). I will let you know which it is before we move ahead.

Can I have all the images you shoot and have someone else process them?

I'm afraid not. only the amount that come with your package and then any extras you pay for.


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