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Are really just a special type of portrait. They’re specifically photos that are designed to show someone else who won’t have met you who you are and ideally, lets face it, should encourage them to want to meet you. They should focus mostly on your face and be simple and give a good representation of you. Whereas a portrait might show you playing a trumpet, lying in your bed or standing on your hands, a headshot wouldn’t usually do any of those things. They need to be simple and straight forward, BUT… Even if we can’t put you in some amazing environment or really fancy clothes, Nowhere does it say that we can’t keep it elegant and simple and still put work into showing you off at your best. We’ve all had that experience of sitting opposite someone  and noticing that they look more amazing than usual in a certain light. That’s kind of what we are going for. That’s what I’m here to help you with. Your job is to give some thought to how you want to be perceived and why and to tell me about that before we shoot, it’s to think ahead and show up as fresh and rested as you can and when we do shoot to be as trusting and brave as possible and to let as much of yourself shine into the lens as you can. My job is partly just to create an environment that makes that possible and to be there to receive what shines out of you, your personality, your essence in some way… 


But it’s also to be able to look at you and work out how best to shoot your photo. What kind of light coming from what kind of angles will flatter you the most and communicate what you want to say about who you are? Most people hate having their photo taken and I’ve come to feel that one big reason for it is that we kind of just know that the process often results in an image that’s so much less potent than we are in life. It’s as if the process of  being translated from a real person to a two dimensional image often waters us down in some way. But I really believe it doesn’t have to be that way. With some collaboration,  some work and some talent, it’s possible to actually augment the subject. That’s always my goal, to record my subject in such a way that when someone see’s one of my photo’s, they’ll have a sense of connection, a feeling of having actually met the person in them in some way. 

Because we all have these online lives now,  its no longer only us actors who need headshots. Our photos are a vital part of how we are perceived,. whether you're a personal trainer, a tech company CEO, a doctor or a dog walker, I think I can help you get the images you need to share who you are with the world.

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